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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business Impact

SBATX uses SEO Best Practices to increase your web page ranking in organic search results, giving you more leads and sales conversions.

Your web-page is often the first, and sometimes only, impression that your business will make upon a potential customer. If your website doesn’t even show up after a user types in related keywords into a search engine, you’ve already lost that customer. Advertising dollars can be spent to buy results in a search engine, but these are both expensive and unreliable, especially if you visits do not translate into sales. The best results come from free (organic) search results, because not only is the customer more likely to trust an unpaid link, the link itself is far more likely to directly relate to what the user is interested in, improving the efficacy of your website in generating revenue.

SBATX not only uses ethical, white-hat, SEO Best Practices to help increase the visibility of your site, but can create or update your site to make your page more relevant to the user, and thus, more likely to convert a lead to a sale!

Organic Search Engine Results

According to the University of California at Davis, 71% of all traffic to websites comes from the first page of organic search engine results. Of those, the first 5 account for 68% of clicks. Getting a higher page ranking than your competition, and investing in the right tactics at the right time can yield anywhere from 2 to 12 times the amount of revenue according to case studies by Meditative, so the benefits are not in question, only the tactics and efficacy of those tactics.

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of knowing what content is most useful to the customer, how search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Baidu, and Yandex use algorithms to index sites and associate them with keywords, and how those and other factors directly and indirectly correlate to search result rankings. With over 200 possible factors to an algorithm, and those algorithms being changed over 500 times a year, not only is it critical to have a professional handle your SEO needs, but it is an ever-evolving process that has proven time and again that literally what worked yesterday does not necessarily work today.

SBATX can provide you with the improvements to your site, back-links, and domain authority to get you more clicks, and more sales per click.

White Hat SEO Best Practices

Just like in the movies, there are good guys (white hats), bad guys (black hats), and guys who fall somewhere in-between (gray hats). Black hats use manipulative link practices to exploit the known elements of a search engine to gain short-term increases for their customers or penalties for their competition and then blackmail them to get those penalties removed. While this can result in a short-term gains in clicks, Panda and other “punishment” search engine algorithms will ultimately penalize the search results of those sites, which in turn could kill a page altogether. On top of that, the clicks have an extremely low conversion-rate with almost non-existent repeat business.

White Hats are committed to using best practices to ensure a more long-term, stable, ethical approach that lends your website more credibility (domain authority), relevance to the user (topic modeling), usefulness to the user (quality content), improving site navigation (hierarchy), increasing your name presence (branding) and legitimate referrers (back-links), and optimizing keywords, long-tail keywords, and analysis of traffic and search engine results.

SBATX is a white hat, committed to using ethical, best practices to help your website rise in rank and keep it there.

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Increasing Brand Awareness and Trust

Put simply, if a customer trust your company brand, they are more likely to trust you with their money. Though, 84% of leads start their buying process with a referral, the first place they look after receiving that referral is Google. 65% of customers consider online search engines as the most trustworthy source of information. And according to Entrepreneur, 54% of vendors lost their sale due to what a lead found (or did not find) online.

Building your brand is more than a name, a logo, and a snappy slogan, it’s the combined representation of your company’s actions, social media presence, familiarity, reputation, reliability, cost to consumer, benefit to consumer, word-of-mouth, legitimate links from authoritative sites, click-through rates, usage statistics, and countless other factors, according to Moz.

SBATX can help you build your brand presence online and off, or evaluate your current practices, in a solid, ethical way that will help keep your site from being penalized, as well as building good will among your customers.

Website Creation and Improving Usability

Websites are no longer a novelty, nor an afterthought. If your company has no website, you are already missing out on more than 9 out of 10 customers, and of the websites that do exist, less than 7% are mobile-friendly, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Not only is the need for a website critical to business, the quality of it is paramount.

The elements of a good website are many, but chief among them by far is usability. 76% of users rank usability as the most important factor in their online experience when dealing with your company, according to Hubspot. It must be credible-looking, uncluttered, useful, attractive, have sourced content and that content needs to be useful and accurate, according to The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Even if your website has nothing to do with e-commerce and web-based services, such as a yard service, your website can literally net you 10 times as many customers, and a good website can ensure they remember their experience with your business as a positive one.

SBATX can create and maintain a professional, useful, informative, and attractive-looking website for your business, or improve your existing one to meet the demands of your customer-base and business.

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